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WE INVITE SUPPLIERS AND MANUFACTURERS to mutually advantageous cooperation

A little about us

Joint-stock company "REFLECTOR" and OKB (skilled design department) begins the history with the decision of Ministerial council of the USSR from July, 10th, 1946 about factory building. For more than sixty years history joint-stock company "REFLECTOR" produced more than 1 billion lamps, more than 10 million vacuum-fluorescent displays (VFD), semiconductor lasers, large assortment of national consumption products, among which radio receivers, video games, clocks, signs, electronic boards and other products under a known trade mark "Elektronika7", and as much another peace and military devices. JSC "REFLECTOR" consists of several enterprises and producing different electronic products.
  • Such as vacuum-fluorescent displays for domestic and abroad markets

    Vacuum fluorescent displays manufacturing

    Vacuum fluorescent displays

  • Electronic tubes for export mostly to USA such company as “Fender”, “Marshall”, “Mesa Bugy” “New Sensor Corporation”, ect.

    Electronic tubes

  • Semiconductor lasers and devices based on them that are used in medicine and military purposes

    Semiconductor lasers and military devices

  • Electronic peaceful uses devices mostly for domestic market

    Electronic clocks, signs, led displays for sports, exchange rates and so on

WE INVITE SUPPLIERS AND MANUFACTURES to mutually advantageous cooperation

In case of
  • electronic components: active, passive, led, led display, oscillators, capacitors, diodes, microcontrollers, AVR, Memory, Serial Flash, Serial EEPROM, Parallel EEPROM, led drivers, logic, transistors etc.
  • electronic devises: led light, led strip, led screen, led displays and other electronic goods.
  • cooperation: having capacities, experience of electronics creation we search the strategic partner in manufacturing, contract manufacture. For many years selling electronic products on territory of the Russian Federation and abroad, also as a wholesaler, we trade with great in number customers. So we will be glad to cooperate as distributors with foreign companies.



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